English Community Service Project

A group of 10th grade five-point English students are participating in an innovative, experiential learning community service project that will serve the entire Nahariya community. Each student chose a STATION (place/ piece of art work / historic restaurant / interesting person…) in Nahariya that they have an interest in or a personal connection with. As a class they have 30 different stations. Every student must write a descriptive paragraph about their station, ask questions and come up with an experiential activity. Once all the stations have been created they upload their information onto the ExperienCity Internet platform. This platform helps the students create their interactive walking tour of Nahariya, which when completed will be available to all. They began this project this past Monday, January 22, 2018 with a hands-on workshop conducted by Talila Yehiel from the WANDERING program. Feel free to take a look at what they have done so far:


.Please keep in mind this is a work in progress.